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Rates and Services


All hunts include 3 days of one on one guided hunts, meals, and lodging.  The price of the hunt is determined by the size of the trophy  harvested.  The guides will notify the hunter of the size of the animal before before a shot is taken.  Hunts that do not produce a trophy owe nothing but their intitial deposit.  Bucks are measured according to their gross SCI score.  Group discounts are available. 



$2,500    120 - 130" SCI

$3,500    131 - 140" SCI

$4,000    141 - 150" SCI

$5,000    151-160" SCI

$6,000    161-170" SCI

$7,500    171-180" SCI

$8,500    181-190" SCI

$10,500    191-200 SCI"


Deposit $1,000

Deposit will be counted toward the price of the hunt.


If the hunter draws blood on the animal but it is not recovered, the cost of the trophy is due.  The guides will make every reasonable effort to recover the animal.



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